On Thursday, January 16, 2014, Kathy Speaker MacNett, Managing Member of SkarlatosZonarich LLC presented a webinar for the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry on Counting Compensable Hours for Wage and Hour Purposes:  Harder Than You Think.  The webinar covered a number of topics like travel time, training time, meal and break periods that are often overlooked for purposes of federal and state law, and become increasingly important as the Affordable Care Act applies to those working over 30 hours in a workweek for covered employers.  Over 100 people participated in the webinar.  Kathy is an active participant in the American Bar Association’s Fair Labor Standards Committee.  Her practice is focused upon providing businesses with advance on an array of labor/employment matters, including but not limited to wage and hour advice.  The Chamber has kindly allowed SkarlatosZonarich to offer review of this hour long session free of charge to clients of SkarlatosZonarich.  SkarlatosZonarich clients can access this webinar here.

Kathy will be happy to discuss other wage and hour concerns regarding your business with you individually.