Intellectual property is a fast-growing, intricate area of the law that deals with the ownership of, the right to use, and the protection of a person’s or a company’s creative output. In today’s digital- and media-driven world, we have skilled and experienced lawyers who are prepared to help advise corporate marketing and branding efforts and work with filmmakers, production companies, software developers, publishers, and other content creators to assure that their creative products are fully protected.

  • Trademark and domain-name issues (due diligence, clearance, registration, oppositions, cancellations, enforcement)
  • Copyright issues covering computer programs; motion pictures and other visual arts; sound recordings; literary, musical, dramatic, sculptural, and architectural works (registration, counseling, licensing, ownership transfer, disputes)
  • Start-up counseling
  • Trade secrets
  • Branding advice and enforcement
  • Negotiation of licenses, co-existence agreements